Introducing Hi Cannabis

A Letter from our CEO

Hi High Hopes Customers!

We are proud to launch our new line of products, Hi. The strains in this line are vetted by our cannabis connoisseurs, and the standards we have set for this line are unique, these are not just high-quality buds, they’re the best of the best. Focusing on terpenes, cannabinoids, and THC content, this line is a real triple threat, bringing you flower we believe, is truly exceptional. The first strain in this line is Grapefruit Chem, testing at 29.5% THC, 3% terps, and high CBG.

Personally, Grapefruit Chem is the only cannabis I have found to address my body pains to find true relief. Most cannabis, for me, has a way of making pain less intense but still present. Grapefruit Chem actually relieves my body pains in a way that removes the pain altogether. The quality of the grow, high terpene, and cannabinoid content provide me with mobility, physical relaxation, and mental clarity so I don’t have to choose between relieving pain or being active.

While this flower is exceptional, each person has a unique endocannabinoid system, which responds to individual strains differently, so I certainly can’t promise that everyone’s experience will be exactly the same.

That said, the strong aroma, amazing high, and pain-relieving terpenes provide an extraordinary cannabis experience. This strain’s value is unmatched in my opinion, setting the standard for Hi, as we build a line that offers various terpenes, experiences, and meets everyone’s needs.

Russ Bogartz

CEO & Founder of High Hopes

Photo of cannabis nugs and chillum